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Setup Your Website

Winch Websites can register your web-address in your name (so that you ‘own’ it). And link it to a webhosting account (where your web stuff ‘lives’).
A bit like getting a new phone number, and then a phone to put it in.


Design Your Website

Let Winch Websites build your website – your words and images, your colours and logo, your products and services. Make it work that way YOU want. SEO essentials included.

Maintain Your Website

Winch Websites will keep your website singing – updates, backups, scans, monitoring, optimisation fine-tuning. Even amendments to your words & images – just send an email. Flat monthly all-inclusive rate.

Just quickly send us your contact info and what you’re looking for – eg. why you want a website (starting from scratch, remaking an existing one, etc) and any particular features or questions you have in mind.

What For

Why should you have a website?

More Customers

It’s hard to be everywhere all the time. Your website is. Whenever your potential customers go looking – on the bus, at work, at home, on the train, on a desktop, on a smartphone. They can pull up your website and find out whatever you want them to know, do what you want them to do.

Create Positive First Impressions

Try it yourself – when you visit a website for the first time, what does it immediately convey to you? It’s no different to meeting someone in person, we all make instant judgements. Your website is going to be your first impression for many potential customers.

Save Money

Thinking of a website as a necessary business expense? View it as an investment! Even though investing in a professional website made by an expert might have a cost, your investment will pay for itself by bringing in more customers.

Improve Customer Service

Websites aren’t just for advertising. Think about what you might be able to offload to a website. Frequently asked questions? Documentation & manuals? Payments? There’s all sorts a website can ‘do’ on your behalf.

Verify Your Existence

Give potential customers the “warm and fuzzy feeling” to be confident that you’re who they are looking for, that you exist, and that you’re no fly-by-night.

Confidence is important, online.

Increase Credibility

A business without a website leads to questions. Why no website? Why don’t you want to be found or want to tell the world what you do? How will I find your contact details in future? Maybe you’re a brand new business and still finding your feet?

Be At Work. 24/7.

Take on a sales assistant who works 24/7, 365 days. No public holidays, annual leave, sick notes. No payroll or super. Ready to respond to enquiries any time of day, with the message YOU want.


Research Online, Buy Offline (ROBO). Word of mouth is most effective, but even there the trend is for people to check things out online first to find a business they’re comfortable to deal with. Make sure it’s you!

So why Winch Websites?

You could do it yourself. You could outsource to an online freelancing site. You could use the semi-automated system provided by multinationals. All are valid options.

BUT, if you value the personal touch from someone genuinely interested in seeing your project succeed, if you value working with an Australian small business continuing to adapt and grow with the evolution of online tools and marketing trends, and if you value a focus on YOUR aims and objectives, then Winch Websites is going to be a great fit.

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Tony Phelps

Tony Phelps


“If your website isn’t working so well, get in touch and let’s see what we can do about it.  My aim is to give you an effective website that pays for itself and more. That’s why you have a website – isn’t it?”

Winch Websites Partners

It’s all here. We have trusted partners that can help with any of your digital marketing needs.

Copywriting partnered service

Find the Right Words for Your Business’s Target Market

Going Concern is a thriving referral-based Geelong/Melbourne copywriting business.  It’s been built on a slavish adherence to providing superior quality copy and service to every single customer.  This gives them the confidence to refer additional contacts our way.  Over the years we’ve learned that getting to know each customer as a person enables the individual content they require to help their business cut through the noise.  We’d be only too happy to assist you.

Implement A Strategy To Target Your Relevant Audience For Better Return In Results

At Studio 56 we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best digital marketing services available,to help you generate the results you’re looking for, for the online marketing of your business. Our digital marketing services are carried out by a talented and professional team who understand the importance of a great digital marketing strategy. Studio 56 prides itself on developing professional, in-depth, and overall successful digital marketing plans that can help your business grow to be the successful enterprise that it’s meant to be.

SEO services
Photographer partner services

Professional Photography To Personalise Your Imagery

Cormac Hanrahan is a people, places and food photographer, and it’s just that sometimes these things are a short drive from home, and at others, they’re a light-aircraft ride to a small island in the Coral Sea. When at home Cormac works with newspapers, magazines, small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organisations, government departments, and content agencies. The list is varied, but the triangular theme of people, places and food remains consistent

Own/manage a Geelong business?
Be found by Geelong residents & businesses!

Winch Websites recommends GeeBiz – a really smart way to promote your business everywhere your customer goes, or find suppliers in the local area.

Download the App, for a directory of Geelong’s local businesses at your fingertips. Click here to learn more.

Latest Projects

Here’s a few of the recent website projects Winch Websites has put together.
If you’d like to find out more about one of these projects, and how it relates to what you’re looking for in your own website, get in touch.

The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) is the national body, supporting state Lowline promotional groups.  The Southern Region Promotional Group (SRPG) in Victoria promotes the breed and members’ studs.  This website provides information, news, contact details and a For Sale outlet for members and interested people.

Victorian Lowlines association and member-benefit website

The Cleaning Crew provide domestic and commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. Their website describes their service range and contact details.

The Cleaning Crew small-business lead generator website

Airworx Engineering, based in Port Vila (Vanuatu), need a straightforward brochure-style website that describes what they do and how to contact them. Confidence-inspiring details include the airline customers, range of aircraft serviced, and images of the company’s facilities. This responsive and mobile-friendly website is search-engine friendly too.
Airworx Engineering 1-page WordPress website
A 1-page promotional site for the Bennett Automotive Group, mechanics and auto-servicing businesses around Geelong. Enables a print media campaign to direct people to a single point where they can choose their most local servicing centre.
Mechanic Geelong 1-page multi-location promotional website
Your 4-Step Website System
Let’s not overcomplicate things.

Step 1 - Register

Your web-address. Make it easy to remember, say, spell, hear. Avoid hyphens and double letters.
(, not

Imagine telling someone your website address over the phone. And write it down!
Eg. (Speed of Art)


Step 2 - Gather

Now it’s time to collect your thoughts.

You’re talking to a potential customer. What do they ask? What should they know? What sways them your way?

And VERY IMPORTANTLY, what do you want them to do next if they’re interested?

Step 3 - Build

Time to make a start. It doesn’t need to be perfect from Go.

Send in what you’ve got and let’s put it up. See how it actually looks on the screen.

Chop & change, refine and adjust.

When it’s good enough, launch and publicise!


Step 3 - Improve

Over the next month or two, go back and and review the site.

Ask friends, colleagues and especially new customers for feedback.

Adjust and amend and improve.

A website’s not just for Christmas. 🙂

Package Prices

(excluding GST)

Get Me Online!

A 1-pager with your essential information
From $790
  • In a hurry? Just need the basics to get your business details online?
  • domain name registration (2 years, or .com)
  • webhosting (1 year)
  • single webpage (logo and/or text supplied by you)
  • contact form (to email account supplied by you)
  • unlimited changes to contact details
  • website maintenance
  • availability monitoring
  • email account setup
  • malware scanning

Sell My Stuff

Selling a few items online? This is for you.
From $3170
  • We’ll help you build a multi-purpose website with a shopping cart subsystem included.
  • Up to a dozen pages
  • Up to a dozen products/items (add unlimited additional pages/items yourself)
  • Customised design and layout, to match branding
  • Domain name registration (2 years, or .com)
  • Webhosting (1 year)
  • WordPress content management system installed & configured, with recommended add-ons
  • Shopping cart sub-system
  • 12 months technical maintenance
  • One ‘small job’ (30 minutes or less) per month to change/update anything
  • Maximum aggregate project time up to 25 hours.
Frequently asked questions from our customers
What's a domain name?

Your domain name is where it all starts. A domain name is absolutely unique, worldwide. It is what people will use to get to your website, or to send email to your customised business email address.

Much like your business name, you need to register a domain name with a central ‘registrar’ so that you own it, and nobody else can use it. So “” belongs to Winch Websites, for example, and is only used by Winch Websites. With a domain name, Winch Websites can create a website ( and also set up business email addresses eg. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (!).

Of course, there are many variations of a domain name that could be registered, and each one has to be paid for. For example;

  • and on and on…

The cost for each variant will depend on who controls it (.com being US, being Australian, etc). You can get creative with your domain name variant, but bear in mind that many people will automatically stick .com or at the end. You also want to make sure that another business or person can’t register an important variant ie. .com or – or you’ll have a fight on your hands to stop them doing what they want, which may confuse or steal your customers.

Winch Websites is happy to help with the registration of any domain name(s) you need. We can also help with configuring domain names that have already been registered eg. so you can use the business version of GMail, or link to your website. Winch Websites always registers domain names with your business details – so that you ‘own’ the domain name. Be careful that your domain name isn’t held hostage by someone registering your domain name with their own details or you’re up for a legal stoush.

What domain name should I register?

Picking a domain name to register and use is not easy, and you’ll need to put a bit of thought into it. The most important thing to bear in mind is that this is the name that humans will be using. So your domain name should be;

  • easy to remember
  • easy to tell someone over the phone (avoid dashes eg., double letters eg.
  • easy to spell (or be sure to register all commonly mis-spellings eg. and
  • reasonably short so you can fit it into business cards, printed ads, people’s address books (so avoid [email protected])

Your domain name is a marketing tool. Registering something very close to your business name is usually the way to go. But you might also like to go for something related to what you do/provide –, for example.

The domain name does count for search engines – but only to a minor degree. Much more important is being able to communicate it to humans. Memorable, spellable, tellable! Get inventive.

Winch Websites can assist if you need a second opinion or some ideas. We can also check what is or is not available, and register any domain name(s) you’d like to get.

What's webhosting?

Webhosting is a service that you’ll need to rent – it’s where your website lives. All websites consist of words & images that are stored on a computer somewhere – on a ‘webserver’.

The vast majority of webservers in the world house multiple websites. So one webserver is shared to many webhosting accounts. Each account has its own allocation of disk space and webserver resources (memory, processing power, data upload/download etc).

You don’t need to worry about the underlying webserver, that is (should be!) managed for you. You will typically pay a recurring fee (monthly, annual) and you’ll get a webhosting account with a range of services. There are many, many, many webhosting businesses around that can provide you with a webhosting account.

At Winch Websites, we lease our own webservers, and we know every one of the clients that share them. We keep the numbers of clients per server low to keep website performance up. We actively manage those webservers to keep them up-to-date and follow best practices. And we have absolute control over the servers and webhosting accounts so we can step in as required. Any webhosting issues, and there’s only one point of contact to turn to – Winch Websites.

Why does a website need maintenance?

Where maintenance is concerned, there are 2 sides to the coin. The ‘under the hood’ stuff, and what people see and read.

Under the hood, a website is similar to your computer, your phone, and your tablet. They’re all powered by software that continues to evolve – fixes for bugs, patches for security flaws, small improvements, and occasional big updates. In the same way that it is important to keep your other infotech devices up-to-date, your website will continue to run smoothly and be less at risk from the bad guys if you keep the website software up-to-date. Usually, this means the underlying “content management system” (eg. WordPress) and also your optional extras that you have had installed. Winch Websites offers a maintenance service to make sure that everything is kept bang up-to-date, plus also take weekly offsite backups so even if there is a disaster with the webserver or its data-centre, your site can quickly be restored somewhere else.

The flip side of maintenance is the words and images that website visitors see and read. You’ll be the best judge of when they need to change. Is your business seasonal? Do you run special limited-time special offers? Do staff photos need to be amended? Most of the time the changes are relatively minor. Winch Websites can take care of it all for you, or you can login to your website and make the changes yourself.

For a fixed monthly amount, Winch Websites will do all the technical maintenance and include one small job (30 minutes or less) a week to tweak words/images. We’ll be your virtual website administrator – email your changes and we’ll take of it from there. Ask for a quote if you’d like us to handle more frequent or larger-scale updates.

Winch Websites would love to work with you and deliver you a site that will both impress you and deliver great results for your business!

Get in touch with us for a friendly chat about what you want the perfect website to do for you

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